Forensic Services

Dr.Scott-Forensic Psychologist

Dr. Scott also provides forensic evaluations and consultation. 


Forensic Services Fee Schedule

1.  Hourly cost for forensic services is $250 per hour.

2.  Court appearance days include payment for a minimum of eight hours per day, even if fewer than eight hours each day are actually required.

3.  Payment is required in advance of any services.  Payment is required in a retainer format, with funds for anticipated court days (eight hours per day minimum) as well as funds for additional hours designated for consultation and evaluation. 

4.  The payer has the right to request the balance of the retainer for consultation and evaluation be returned at any point, minus any fees for hourly work already completed.

5.  The retainer for court appearance days will be refunded upon request at any point up to fourteen days prior to the first scheduled court appearance day.

6.  If additional consultation and evaluation is requested by the payer an additional retainer may be arranged in an amount agreed upon by both parties.